Black people protest but their only purpose in the West is to be used.


The year 2020 was toxic and stressful for many reasons and the Black Lives Matter protests did not help neither. As it has always been mentioned before in my work, the modern day pro-Black protestors are lost and wrongly believe they are carrying the legacy of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X from the 1960s. Most activists now want to nurture chaos to become new leaders and achieve power or simply express their anger regarding “white privilege”, hence a hidden way to beg for being embraced by the white institutions they desperately hope to be apart of.

In reality, Black people in the Western sphere do not know their place at all. In Western Europe, though the millennial presence of Africans has been noted in history from eras as ancient as those of ancient Greece, the African existence is only explained by the issue of colonialism and immigration. When it comes to the United States, slavery is the turning point as well. Black presence in the outside world always has to take root in tragedy and oppression. And there is not any other alternative.

Since the end of the sixties, the white institutions have not only destroyed the legacy of the Panthers but also bought back the African-Americans by giving them the freedom to consume massively and to be exposed to new global markets as well. Capitalism brought back the Blacks to the chains of mental slavery. And such issue actually blinds them as they remain unable to understand their place in their sphere. The majority believes that slavery and colonialism are things of the past when in reality, the modern day generation are just the continuity of these political tactics.

The world we live in, it is true, finds its foundations in 1947. At that time, right after the WWII, western states did manage to elaborate the first schemes which led to the global life and politics we are facing now. When Blacks talk about a “white privilege” they want to fight against, they do not understand that such issues of colors have now become obsolete but only serve the interests of some leftist groups whose members hope to use minorities to destroy a given structure. The issue now evolves around the domination of global policies against the nation-states. The United States of America, one of the most important colonial empires of the past centuries, France or even Belgium will become the new colonized entities of the global sphere, even if, their leaders have already bowed down to such global domination years ago. In this case, the new independent leaders will be attached to the value of the nation-state just like a Patrice Lumumba paid the price as he fought for the freedom of his people. Sixty years later, anti-global politicians in Europe are now going through the same hell Thomas Sankara and Lumumba dealt with in the past. The white anti-global politician has now become a colonized African.

Actually, the dominant white forces, now globalists, have not changed their minds about black people. They are not considered as humans but as objectified beings or an exotic “other” whose folklore or ethnic characteristics would add more color or flavor to their palace. Their voice is not important at all for the only thing that count is their body and their image. In this sense, the legacy of mercantilism attached to the black body is still heavily present as nothing changed at all.

In this scheme, Black people are still reduced to their colonized status. Though they believe they are important in the countries they live in, Blacks, blinded by their emotions, are unable to understand that they will never be respected as much as they desire. The institutions let a wave of immigrants come to either annihilate them or use them to destroy. Just like in colonial times, the dominant global entities will give a certain power to members of minorities and use the media to elevate them as examples of success, when in reality, they are being used as agents to further the global agenda and are not effective enough in their tasks besides belonging to such and such community. This is what happened during Belgian colonialism when the ruling cast formed a group of “évolués” or a small Congolese clique of intellectuals whose interests were to side with Belgium.

And this is how the mixed-race community becomes important. The selection of Kamala Harris or Barack Obama is not a coincidence. None of them are Black but they have black in them and blackness was made to become the color of the future, of globalism. Not pure blackness, but a diluted blackness. Regarding the cases of Obama and Harris, the two were not chosen for their competence but for their image and symbol they embodied. In the globalist system, mixed-race political entities are the symbols of a political mutation or change. They would represent a slide into social degeneracy. In the political context, mixed-race people are more than important. In the near future, the values of the nation-state or the preservation of one’s heritage and culture will disappear for the system will promote the emergence of a hybrid race with no attach to nothing but the state they serve. The system does not consider the mixed politician as a human being with a multiracial heritage at all but as a degenerate tool which needs to be gathered with other entities which would break with the traditional values of the nation-state system.

Black people in the West are so obsessed with their own emotions that they forget that the system knows them more than themselves. They have been under study for more than four hundred years without even knowing it. For this reason, the global entities did not have to select a full black individual as a political leader for they know that Black people hate themselves so much they would do anything to shine through the success of the mixed-race political entities who are playing a double game with them. There is no way Black people can succeed in the West in these final days. They already lost in the sixties.

When it is time to destroy an old system, the globalist entities always use minorities, especially mixed race people as degenerate agents to abolish the old. This is the only purpose of the Blacks in the western sphere and their only hope to dominate.

Actually, slavery was already following a path of globalism through which rules were settled to break down the black mind for the enslaved Africans remained at the bottom. Since then, the same patterns have remained the same too. Though elevated, the mixed-race clan will always have a feeling of frustration in their hearts. Indeed, they are lucky not to be fully black and have that “other” part in them which allows them to escape yet, to the eyes of the dominant ruling class they remain others and will never be given the chance to reach the top as they would want to. Once their operation of political and social destruction is done, they will be abandoned to the lower spheres.

Even the most mixed pro-Black individuals in the lower sphere always want to crush the Blacks to achieve their own power. Indeed, many of them express a disdain regarding the creation of a mixed-race category. If established, such category would greatly help Black people have way more visibility and recognition and not being stolen or left in darkness by their diluted peers. Such refusal is not only a mark of dishonesty but a desire to control and colonize the lowest members of the pyramid-understand Black people- in the Western sphere. The mixed pro-Black individual in politics knows everything about his advantages and does not care at all about the suffering of the Blacks. He will do anything in his power to achieve power even if he has to rely on the small amount of black blood he carries to exploit the pain of the black community. Over the past years, the mainstream media, whether in music or cinema, as well as the different cultural movements such as the “Nappy Hair Movement”, have been hijacked by mixed people who have no problem claiming they are fully black to take more power from the non-mixed Negroes.

In music, since the early 2000s, Black women with dark and Negroid features such as Kelly Price, Tracy Chapman or Des’Ree have been brutally taken away from the scene and replaced by mixed and ambiguous looking women such as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys or Nicole Scherzinger. Later, in the 2010s, white women with a mixed appearance would be promoted as the new faces of black music. In the Western sphere, everybody and anything can be bought or sold, including race and culture. And such disappearance would have never existed without the support of corrupted rich black men in position of power but also mixed pro-Blacks as well.

The system of the pyramid has never changed at all since the end of slavery. It is more than important to remember that, even at that time, rules were set globally to support the breakdown of the Negro, physicially, mentally and economically as well. What is the point of fighting against “white privilege” when our kind has been living inside the womb and nurtured by the concepts of corruption which emenate from white supremacy for generations? Modern Blacks fail to fathom that they have now become the products of this particular system and that sooner or later the issues regarding race will be obsolete. Most protestors today, for any given political cause, are not aspiring to break or abolish the system they have been living in. They want to preserve it and take away or change one thing which affects them on a personal level. Marchers will never change the world for, by their compliance, they reveal that they have been obedient to the rules set upon them years ago. Everybody wants to fight against “white privilege”, yet, the same protestors could not live without their comfort, their luxury and Iphones. The revolt has now become uberized, and happens on Twitter and Instagram with the use of hashtags. Blacks have also been guilty of this false revolution of social comfort.

Black people can not be compared to their ancestors at all. They have become white supremacy, will become future colonial agents of the new era. The support of Black women regarding the selection of Kamala Harris is symbolic. Though aware of the theft, the corruption and the deep hatred of Kamala for Black men she used as examples to perfect her brutal political tactics, Black American women, who deal with a great dose of self-hatred as they always want to claim diluted and mixed women as Black, did support and vote for her when she openly claimed she would never pass laws to help Black people specifically. This mechanism reveals that the members of the black community in the Western sphere have become as selective and cold as the system which created them. This same selectivity of emotions is also greatly highlighted by the tremendous support given to the Obamas.

Though Barack was a war criminal who destroyed North Africa and the Middle East, the Blacks only see the symbol he represents for them all the while being aware of the consequences of these politicians in other parts of the world. In their dishonesty, George W. Bush would be the only war criminal and the face of white supremacy and not Obama because the latter suits their emotions. If we were living in the sixties, the Panthers would have never supported the policies of Obama and would have rather sided with the Syrians and North Africans instead. Yet, just like any member of the West, Blacks have become cold and calculate their moves, still obsessed with their own advantages and the security of a system which would protect their money first.

In this day and age, the issues of color will disappear forever and everybody will defend their own globalist system, until the world bows down to a new and unique system.

All Rights Reserved, VKY


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