Darren Seals and Black Lives Matter: Was He Murdered for Denouncing the Political Manipulation of the Movement?

Darren Seals

The opposition led by black people in the United States, as well as in the rest of Western Europe has been controlled for years now. Little by little, the real and genuine African-American activists who fought for their people and used their platforms for their people have been crushed, silenced, either through censorship of death. The GAFA, or the technocracy and the technologic-cracy have become the new dominant forces regarding the flux of news through powerful media whose creators have been controlling freedom of speech. Back in early 2021, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump was banned on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as he was said to represent a threat following the invasion of the Capitol. If such movement has been approved by the fake woke opportunists and digital/Hashtag revolutionaries, it highlighted a real problem when it comes to the political evolution of the Western world. The region is now becoming what its politicians, “representants of the axis of good”, despised in the 1970s and 1980s in the Sovietic Union. They have established a new digital dictatorship, especially through the use of “cancel culture” which has now taken over the traditional media as well. In that sense, when the leftist newspaper The New York Post, published an article exposing the shopping spree of Patrisse Cullors who spent more than four millions of dollars in luxurious homes in white districts, the people who tried to share the story on Facebook were surprised to realise that the platform simply blocked them to do so, so as to protect Patrisse.

This exposure revealed that the opposition in black communities has been controlled from the core, as the black faces who represent it are nothing less than the black faces of white institutions. In reality, white institutions, through the election of biracial war criminal Barack Obama and Indian Kamala Harris, or in music, with the elevation of Cardi B, desire to choose new black, mixed faces which will further their agenda of social and cultural destruction in the West as they know that in a matter of fifty years, white people will become a new dying minority whose members will have to be replaced by people of color who carry their political thoughts and agenda.

Darren Seals denouncing Black Lives Matter and the fact the org never gave the money back. He accused them of having capitalized off them for money and political domination.

That is when the importance of the history of Darren Seals takes place. Born in 1987, the black native of St. Louis in Missouri was an American activist in Ferguson before the movement of Black Lives Matter even appeared. After the shooting/murder of Michael Brown in August 2014, the first movement ever created by the people and for the people was known as Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, and only focused on black rights, until Seals and other activists began to notice, as early as 2015, that the emergence of Black Lives Matter, created two years prior, was a political coup orchestrated and piloted by higher political forces with a different agenda, as the Black Lives Matter branch tried to extend its influence in the area, following the murder of Michael Brown. At that time, the movement was still purely local and black and was not what it became now as it turned global and synchronized internationally as we saw last year in 2020. Chaziel Suns, another activist in Ferguson at the time in 2014, also released a video in 2017, a few months after the election of Donald Trump, to denounce the same accusations of political intrusion of Black Lives Matter as he claimed that the movement was not only financially supported by Soros and the Clintons, but that the goal of these higher politicians was to destroy Donald Trump and his mandate by preparing the ground for a civil war. By the time Chaziel released the video, it went unnoticed as most black Americans were filled with emotions and could not think clearly. Yet, by the time the protests have become global in 2020, some opponents of the movement found the lost 2017 video of Chaziel and decided to post it, as the scheme exposed by the latter played before their eyes, live.

This video of Chaziel Sunz went unnoticed when it was released and posted on his Youtube channel in 2017. He described that the BLM movement (he was never a part of) had been hijacked by higher political powers, a strategy he noticed back in late 2015.

Outside of the United States, especially for the Black Europeans, the murders of Black Americans by the police were a shock as the only issue known was that of the high crime rate in the area of Chicago. As war criminal Barack Obama was introduced worldwide as the face of peace, and as Black Americans were cheering him and Michelle, most Black Europeans thought the racial issues in the United States were no longer that brutal. The murder of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown were a shock to many.

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Movement Patrisse Cullors attends the United State of Women Summit on May 5, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Yet, in this clear racist opposition between white and black forces, the waves of protests organized by black bodies served the interests of the political white leaders who saw an amazing opportunity to elevate their black minions as the new faces of black revolt, as they have been supported financially, elevated by the media and given extreme visibility all the while tarnishing the authenticity of the movement, silencing the outcry of the black people by introducing new causes linked to the LGBT issues, when in the first place, the matter was only about black issues and police brutality. From that point, without Seals ever noticed it, this elevation of controlled opponents would be fatal to the real black activists who fought hard for the protection of their county as two political bodies would be opposed. On the one hand, the protests gave rise to a new wave of authentic black protestors such as Chaziel Sunz and Darren Seals, but at the same time, the latter would be silenced either publicly (Sunz) or through death (Seals) as a new wave of corrupt black activists were being promoted and elevated by the media and the Clintons. Just like in the history of modern African politics, a corrupt elite has been elevated and pushed by European and American powers to overthrow the authentic fighters for truth and freedom. The same scheme and tactic was applied in Burkina-Faso between Thomas Sankara, who was overthrown by his former ally Blaise Compaoré in 1987, but also years prior in the 1960s when Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was betrayed by his former ally (as well) later known as the Maréchal Mobutu in 1961, who reigned over Zaire for thirty two years before he was ousted in 1997.

As they have been blinded by emotions and rage, black people in the United States have been exposed to masquerades so as to control their degree of revolt. They are confused and no longer know where to stand. Indeed, spiritually isolated, they have been given corrupt entertainers to guide them through their everyday lives. Many Black women do not realise that Beyoncé is nothing less than the Maria from Metropolis, a woman from the people who has been crafted by the industry she sold herself to, and sent to go back to her people so as to create confusion and destruction. After many centuries of slavery, Black people have a hard time understanding the hierarchy of power as they still believe that a woman like Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z actually have control, when they are the controlled ones. The entertainers, whether in sport, music or acting, belong to the lowest sphere of power. For this reason, many actors such as George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio are trying really hard to distance themselves from their rank to get closer to politicians, where the real power reigns. Singers and actors are nothing less than the puppets of the political world as they are here to serve a political agenda. Beyoncé, like most black American entertainers of today are like this. Their goal is to blind black people from the truth, infantilize them and force them to remain at the bottom so as to only consume and be obsessed with money. Without realizing it, Darren Seals had been propably surpassed by controlled black opponents who had no time to deal with a powerful local man who desired to expose their schemes.

Excerpt from a documentary ANTIFA, CHASSEURS DE SKINS released ten years ago in France where former ANTIFA and Skinheads in the 1980s spoke to the cameras explaining their motives. The politicians at the time, were the ones who pulled the strings. The far left has always been extremely barbaric and violent, especially in France with the Action Direct movement from the 1970s and 1980s whose members killed politicians.

Seals was found shot dead in his burning car in September 2016. Prior to that, he had denounced the intrusion of the Democrats in the political life of his area, their manipulation on black people, and even called for the Republicans to take over Ferguson and he never ceased to express his disdain of the Blues whose politicians would never care so much about black people at all. By 2015, when everybody was still confused and believed Black Lives Matter to be sincere and authentic, Seals was one of the first to have exposed their schemes, claiming that they stole money from the community, were financed by Soros and the Clintons, never gave back a dime to the community and worst, that the movement had been hijacked by higher political forces which also included fights related to LGBT causes. A few weeks before his unresolved murder, which was an execution and a warning to the other activists, he posted PDF files on his Facebook page where he proved that abnormal amount of money transactions had been made to the local Black Lives Matter movement in Ferguson.

As his death remained unnoticed for years, it is more than troubling to realise that Seals had been clairvoyant enough to denounce elements which were proven to be true today. Indeed, the family of Michael Brown said that ever since their son was murdered, they never received any penny from BLM at all. The father of Brown even denounced the fact that the other families of victims were never called by BLM and given any money when they were the ones to organize locally, as well.

The protests of last year which were global in June 2020, were synchronized and not sincere at all. It was political and a desire to further more division in America and Europe, under the presidency of Donald Trump. Worst, the infiltrators denounced by Chaziel in 2017 and Seals in the mid 2010s were suspicions which have been proven to be right, as policemen have suspected and found out that antifa groups, from the far left, would dress in black, infiltrate the protests so as they turn violent. Just like in France in the 1980s, under the presidency of François Mitterand, the Antifa, the far left militia mostly from the French ghettos, were supported by the Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste) and was opposed to the extreme right skinheads, including Serge Ayoub, and used to beat one another in the streets of Paris, Lyon, Marseille as many hate crimes against Algerian immigrants were taking place in the late 1980s and 1990s, murders committed by supporters of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the then leader of far right, Front National. Both groups were puppets used by the higher political forces to either advance the political agenda of the left, through the promotion of diversity and the manipulation of the minorities there or to prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen from accessing power and surpassing the RPR (right wing) at the time. There again, in the United States, the same scheme took place again as black causes were used to create political chaos and divide the nation. The same plot was also imported in France last year, as leftist powers have been supporting corrupt Assa Traoré and her movement La Vérité Pour Adama, made to fight for the justice for her convicted and criminal brother Adama Traoré in 2016. Little by little, the organizers of the movement found allies within the political white class and their black minions who found collusions witin the Black American corporations. The death of George Floyd would be exploited and made to be compared to that of Adama Traoré and later on, as the new fabricated powers are now relayed and promoted by the media, Assa Traoré was named Personality of the Year by Time Magazine in 2020. When she is not an activist, but a simple puppet.

This issue of division when it comes to activism was also evoked and denounced by Tupac Shakur himself who spoke openly about the unfair treatment experienced by the Black Panthers from the “people” (his mother Afeni belonged to) and the Black Panther elites who had disdain for the activists from the people.

The fight which needs to be made does not only involves white people themselves but black people against their traitors supported by their foreign agents, hence the fight against the enemies from within.

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